Healthy living


New Life Care Home promotes a healthy lifestyle even for elderly and disabled people.

A simple guide for health is NEWSTART, an interesting acronym:

N utrition: Proper nutrition is the foundation of good health and recovery

E xercise: Action is the law of life. Muscle tone and strength are lost without it

W ater: The body is 70% water. Keeping the body well hydrated is essential to health

S unlight: The sun is the established energy source ordained by God to sustain life

T emperance: Using things moderately and avoiding the bad is obviously wise

A ir: The body’s  most essential resource is air.

R est: Restoration requires rest because sleep allows the body to renew itself

T rust in Divine Power: Direct linked to physical health (Proverbs 3:5-6), trust in God is a gift leading to good choices

For more info, check the site that explains these vital principles in detail:



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